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Even if you are represented by the Public Defender's Office, The Parnell Law Firm can file a motion for bond reduction or modification in less than 72 hours in most cases. Concerned friends and family members of a person in jail should call or email us. One of our attorneys will personally meet with that person in jail, file the motion, and get a hearing set before a judge as soon as possible.

If you suspect a warrant has been issued for your arrest, do not wait for the police to arrest you. Contact The Parnell Law Firm now so we can verify a warrant is outstanding, and if so, coordinate a more convenient turn in date. When we know a client is being arrested ahead of time, we can attend First Appearance with you to argue for an affordable bond to minimize the time you spend in jail.

If you are not in jail but have a GPS monitor, alcohol monitor, or "no contact provision" that is expensive or unnecessary, contact us to discuss the possible removal of these requirements. We work with bond agencies and we're oftentimes able to modify the conditions of an existing bond to make the conditions of your release more affordable and reasonable. Our primary aim concerning bond is to get you out of jail, and keep you out of jail with release conditions you can live with.

We not only work for you to obtain a reasonable bond -we constantly work to resolve your case quickly. After all, bond is no longer a factor once your case is resolved.

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