Motorcycle Rider Tapes His Police Chase and Other Illegal Shenanigans

Motorcycle Rider Tapes His Police Chase and Other Illegal Shenanigans

May 30, 2024

Earlier this year, a 24 year old Pinellas County man was charged with felony Fleeing and Eluding police officers and other related misdemeanor charges. He also helped provide evidence against himself by video taping his antics and posting them online after he had gotten away.

The rider was spotted by detectives operating his dirt bike in a reckless manner.

The report spells out the reckless driving as, “purposefully running red signals; riding on one-wheel ‘wheelies’ several times in various areas; driving across private properties, sidewalks, into oncoming traffic, passing on a double yellow traffic median, and riding dangerously close in the direction of police officers forcing them to leave the roadway at times.”

At various times the rider stopped and taunted police, waving them over and then taking off again when they got close.

According to other media reports, he also flipped the bird at police and at one point taunted, “Why you so mad? Oh, I’m scared.”

While the rider escaped the scene, he was tracked down the next day. It turned out the rider had a helmet mounted camera and he posted a long clip of the chase on his You Tube channel. Several people were able to positively identify him as the rider that day and he was arrested. The rider’s bond was set at $17,500 on the felony fleeing charge and 3 other related misdemeanors.

Important lesson: if you are going to do something this stupid and reckless, do not video it!